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Plank Fitness is a unique personal training studio located in the Biltmore Village Area in Asheville, NC. Our team of nationally-certified personal trainers specialize in creating custom individual and small group fitness programs delivered in a comfortable, private, and friendly atmosphere. Our approach is comprehensive. We believe that fitness is more than just the movement piece; that's why we also offer our clients nutrition coaching, as well as in-house physical therapy and lifestyle counseling. We strive to educate our clients, helping them gain confidence in their own quality movement and proficiency in specific training methodologies. We also pride ourselves in a strong sense of community. Contact us today to get involved!

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FX Group Training


FX is a comprehensive fitness system with the primary goal of aligning posture and optimizing human movement – biomechanics. Functional Patterns takes special interest in improving walking, running, and throwing mechanics, the most primal functions of all human movements. Functional Patterns approach is to address all muscle imbalances and movement deficiencies FIRST before progressing to Read More

Kettlebell Conditioning Course


  Plank is pleased to announce the comeback of Plank’s Kettlebell Conditioning Course!  This 6 week progressive athletic conditioning class is geared towards mastery of the basic kettlebell techniques.  Trainees will be exposed to kettlebells from the ground up (sometimes literally) and by the end of the course, each person will have a better understanding of how kettlebells play a Read More

Up for our Wheat Belly Challenge?


How would you feel if you took 10 days off from grains?  More energy, better sleep, less inflammation, improved cognition, better workouts?  Let’s find out together!  It starts next Monday February 1st and goes for the next 10 days.  We’ll be providing support including daily recipes!  Here’s the shopping list to get you set up Read More


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  • Deanna’s work as a hairdresser keeps her on her feet for long periods of time. She’s had chronic back issues for years and decided to address it with guided exercise. “I workout to have overall strength and balance and just a better connection with my body,” said Deanna. She’s been training with Wendy for a couple years now and says her back hasn’t gone out since. “I do a lot of strength training, which I love. We do different stuff every session, which keeps it interesting.” She trains once a week for an hour at Plank and then Wendy gives her homework that she does a few times a week at home, where she has an exercise ball and full set of weights of her own. “I love everyone here at Plank; they’re down to earth and super nice. It’s clean and friendly and not a meat market. It’s fun. Even if I don’t want to come here, I know I feel better if I do, and I’ll leave in a good mood.”

    Deanna’s Experience at Plank
  • The team at Plank Fitness is the best group of trainers that I have had the pleasure to be trained by. The team is patient and considerate, pushing you to the best of your abilities without breaking you and without coercion. The plank team takes a comprehensive approach to your health and your training is focused and you and the trainers truly care about your personal success. And while yes you get the personal attention that you need while working out at plank it does not occur in a vacuum. At plank there are always plenty of people working out around you. The plank community is just as kind and fun as its trainers. I have been at plank since its inception and would not change a minute of it. I understand this may sound like an ad but all you have to do to find out that I am telling the truth is drop by and see the wonderful work these trainers do on a daily basis and the wonderful community it has created. With the one year anniversary of plank coming up soon this is the time to join the wonderful community that plank has created and get in the best shape of your life.

    Zack Pamfilis
  • I came to Plank 5 months ago weighing more than I care to say and having knee and leg pain. My confidence was diminished to the point that I didn't feel I could do simple exercises. I am a 53 year old male. I met with Adam who took the time to get to know my goals along with my capabilities. We started slowly and carefully and before long I built up the confidence to really get into to it. I am dropping pounds while gaining strength and balance. This is not a typical gym. It's not a pick-up joint filled with muscle heads. It's not competitive. This isn't a military operation. It’s a gym that has empathetic and skilled trainers who genuinely want people to be healthy and strong. For my personal goals, Adam has that impressive combination of technical knowledge, empathy and motivation that is exactly what an introvert like me needs.

    Dan Zorn
  • I have been training with Kevin at Plank fitness for over 3 years. I came to him after trying several other trainers in the area, and wanted a fitness program that fit me and my goals. Incorporating nutrition, mobility, strength, and conditioning into functional fitness programming, he has helped me change my body and accomplish things I didn't realize were possible. The best example of this is the trip I took with my dad in June of 2013. We took off on an adventure in the Grand Canyon, rafting, climbing, hiking, and even scaling rock faces. I was amazed at how my body reacted, adapted, and generally impressed me. Everything just seemed easier than it should have. After that trip I finally "got it." The functional approach to fitness works in the real world, and it's not about the exercises at the studio; it's about making life easier and having the confidence to accomplish everything you want to.

  • When I came to Plank I was stuck in a cycle of pushing myself so hard trying to achieve my physical ideal that I would end up injured. I could never get into a groove and could get my stride when it came to a healthy lifestyle, working out consistently AND giving my body the proper nutrition to reach my personal goals. Today I celebrate the achievement of a personal goal: losing enough weight to shed my "fat jeans" for my "skinny jeans". My "fat jeans" are the pants that I had to buy shortly before I started training at Plank fitness because my inconsistent eating and exercise habits led to weight gain. Though I was active and in good condition when I came to Plank, my body was not "fit" and definitely did not reflect my physical capabilities.I've trained at a lot of places and been a lifetime athlete. Many gyms talked about a community that I never experienced during my time at them. Plank is a community, a fitness family. There are a variety of ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels at Plank, but there are way more similarities than differences. People say hello to me and their reassurance helps me keeps going. When they see my progress, they say's an awesome thing to experience. Adam has been a wonderful coach, and with an injury that causes chronic pain, I appreciate his attention to detail and dedication to proper technique. I feel good; I look good; I lift heavy...what more could you ask for?!

    Suzanne Murphy

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Missing your wraps? These 3 simple ingredients make a healthy and tasty wrap – coconut meat, coconut water, and coconut oil. These raw, organic, grain free, coconut wraps can be found at health food stores and online at Here’s a great recipe to fill your new favorite wrap! Tuna Wrap: 2 cans tuna in Read More

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