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The Studio

Our studio is a 3,000 square foot personal training facility, the largest in the area. It’s equipped with every necessary piece of fitness equipment. We don’t believe that traditional weight machines allow the body to move well, so we use methods and exercise equipment that encourages natural movement patterns. Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension systems, punching bags, exercise balls, slam balls, and bodyweight movements are proven to facilitate a more effective, efficient workout, and that’s exactly what you can expect. We also have a unique synthetic turf that allows a whole separate array of movements to get the fastest results. We also have a large, separate, comfortable space for consultations, yoga, nutritional coaching, and lifestyle counseling in a private, welcoming setting.

Our Team

Plank Fitness
Kevin M.

Kevin believes in functional fitness training practices and programs with intention, intensity and variety.  His favorite tools and methods are the TRX suspension trainer, kettlebells, and MovNat.  He loves taking workouts outside and adapting movement to different environments.  He is passionate about dynamic, real-world applicable movement. His background is in Nutrition, so he enjoys helping clients find a balance between reaching fitness goals and enjoying healthy foods, utilizing creative recipes and an individualized, long-term, sustainable approach.mct_level1

Rachel M.
B.A. Exercise Science

Rachel grew up in Wisconsin and is a new transplant to the Asheville area. Her passion for sports and the outdoors pulled her to the area. She has been involved in sports her whole life, with soccer being her go to. She has BA in Exercise Science, and uses this knowledge as well as a passion for the outdoors in her training style. She likes to focus on functional body weight movements, with additional use of TRX bands to help achieve goals. She likes to translate what happens in the gym with what clients experience in real life situations.

Peter M.
Pre/Post Natal, CES

Throughout his life, Peter has always been involved with a variety of athletics. Soon after stepping into a weight-room, he was hooked. While once having specific goals related to performance on the field, his primary objective for himself, along with his clients, consists of healthy movement for longevity. This is not to say that Peter doesn’t enjoy intense workouts, however, they must be safe and make sense for each individual. Although having an array of knowledge among several facets of training, Peter mostly enjoys utilizing barbells, kettlebells, and body-weight calisthenics for his personal routines. “I strongly believe that everyone can acquire joy from training. It’s just a matter of finding what excites someone the most in order to produce long-term practice”.

Seth B.
NASM CPT; Level 3 MovNat

Seth Budai is both a student and teacher of human fitness and movement ecology, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Level 3 MovNat certified trainer, a black belt in Kung Fu, and an avid practitioner of the Wim Hof Method. When Seth is not in the gym, he spends his time cold plunging, barefoot hiking, and occasionally swinging from trees in the Smoky Mountains with his beautiful wife and their Siberian husky. Seth’s calling in life is to better understand how the body and mind work synergistically to create inner harmony and produce optimal health.

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