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One on One
Personal Training

Train directly and privately with a personal trainer focused only on your goals at your convenience. You get the exact workout that you need to meet your goals in a private setting. A lot of clients prefer to work out individually with a trainer, and we’re glad to offer this highly effective, custom service.

Large Group

Train with up to eleven other people for an energetic, action-packed workout that is sure to boost metabolism and build lean muscle for ultimate, immediate results. View all our current classes and enroll on Front Desk.


MovNat is a fitness philosophy based on our body’s natural movement patterns. It is what we practice and what we teach across all of our training offerings. Anyone can gain from improving their movement, from elite athletes to those who have not exercised in years. You don’t have to be fit to move, you have to move to be fit. Reclaim your nature with MovNat training, classes and workshops.


Meet with our on-staff nutrition coach for education and information to properly fuel your workouts and daily life. We’ll help you cut through the misinformation and marketing hype to zero-in on solid, real food choices as well as strategies to overcome challenges and avoid obstacles. Proper nutrition is a critical component of overall health and in achieving lasting results.


Don’t let pain or injury get in the way of moving and living actively. Our on-staff physical therapist works closely with our trainers to establish the most appropriate modifications and therapeutic techniques to fit your needs and keep you safely moving. In addition to consultations with your trainer, our physical therapist is available to you for one on one evaluation and treatment of orthopedic issue such as:

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